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Kind Words from Clients

"Domini is an awesome and creative problem-solver. I count on her to be able to fix design issues that have the rest of us stuck. I have worked with her as both a full-time staff member (10 years!) and now a freelancer. She is passionate about and committed to every project." —Jane Musser, Vice President, Production, Hachette Books Group

"Working with Domini Dragoone has been a complete pleasure! She gave me an excellent cover design and layout for my book, but perhaps most importantly, was supportive and flexible in our working process which was key given that while I’d published before, this was my first time working to self-publish my material. She hit deadlines, was creative in problem solving and offered plenty of options when we had decisions to make. I look forward to working with her again in the future and give her my strongest recommendations." —Jed Emerson, Blended Value Group, author of The Purpose of Capital

"Domini is such a talented designer. She nailed both the cover and interior design of my book, Leatherwork School, on the first design. She was responsive, flexible and diligent about bringing my book to life through design. She also did whatever it took to raise the quality of the book. With more than 500 photos, she edited many photos to ensure each page looked the best—she just did it because she knew what it took to have a premium result. I’ve also had Domini help me with follow-up on website work. If Domini is on your short list for consideration, just put her at the top!" —Ellen Valentine, author of Leatherwork School; Step-by-Step Instruction for Making Hand-Stitched Leather Goods

"Domini is one of my very favorite designers to work with. She has a great eye. She is fast, flexible, creative, and attentive (points out things an editor shouldn't miss but does). Her page designs make our authors happy and our books look good." —Matthew Hoover, Production Editor, Counterpoint Press and Soft Skull Press

"Domini is brilliant, has the perfect designer's eye for book cover and interior design, and she makes my edits and my authors look so professional. She's a gem in the author-publishing world, and I am delighted to have found her." —Sandra Wendel, Book Editor,


"Wow, that is what I thought when I saw the first roll out of the designs that Domini sent me. I couldn't believe how well Domini was able to create my vision into something that really looked amazing. It was clear to me after the first round that Domini had really taken the time to do her research, understand my book, and listened to my vision. Domini was so easy to work with and as a first time author I appreciated all of her knowledge and her time to help me walk through the design steps. Her work is impeccable the cover and page design is clean and exactly what I was looking for. I look forward to working with Domini again on my next book." Christine Matzen, author of Leader: The Journey to Become the Force Your Business Needs to Win

"I've self published minor works before for a tiny audience. This novel is my first "big" endeavor. From Day One, Domini talked me through the process, advised what she could do, and when my ideas wouldn't work, she still tried, and showed me her suggestions. I felt that she really listened to me from the beginning, incorporating much of what I asked for, and adding her professional expertise for a finished product that is better than I imagined it could be. I will definitely work with her again for future projects." Molly Jo Realy, author of NOLA

"I love the great work Domini did designing my cover (front, back and spine) and even advising me on other design questions relevant to choices I made on my interior, to match the cover styling. She was professional, prompt, thorough and an absolute pleasure to work with. Highly recommend!" Erik Bork, author of The Idea

"Domini has done an amazing job with the cover design as well as the interior design of my book. I'm very happy with the end result and I can highly recommend her. She was very helpful at every stage regarding any questions I had and I will definitely work with her again!" Inge Natalie Hol, author of 100 Steps to Financial Independence

"Domini is a gem. The work was performed on time even though a number of iterations and changes were made along the way. The quality was excellent and Domini's creativity produced a very attractive book. I could not have hoped for a better outcome, and if I publish again I will be contacting her first." Dan Hague, author of Artificial Climbing Wall Operation and Risk Management

"Domini is a joy to work with. She goes above and beyond what's expected, delivering in every way! Domini is a fantastic communicator and collaborator. I wouldn't hesitate to work with her again, and you shouldn't either! She's a true expert in her field and would add tremendous value to your project." Jeff Teresi, author of The 7 Key Abilities

"I absolutely love Domini! She is a true professional, so easy to work with and she is VERY involved with whatever project you give her. I was quite impressed with how thorough she is. She captured my book cover perfectly! As a new, first time self-published and this being my first book, I wanted everything to look as professional and polished as possible. I couldn't be happier and would definitely recommend Domini to anyone looking for a talented artist! One other bonus, she does BOTH interior layout as well as the book cover art." Eliza Wilde, author of Shock Value

"My experience working with Domini Dragoone as an Interior Book Designer was absolutely incredible and exceeded my wildest expectations. Where others were intimidated by a daunting task with a pressing deadline she excelled. She really has it all and I cannot recommend her enough. She is simply an All-Star, passionate and skilled. Her enthusiasm, efficiency and work ethic shine through in the many hats she wears and the advice she gives. It is simply obvious how much she loves this work and how dedicated she is to delivering high-quality products. To put it simply, she made my book a better experience for my readers, and people have been purchasing and loving it! It was effortless to work with her. She is always ready to draw upon her score of years (+20) in this industry and loves, loves, loves to answer questions and provide options as well as reasons for her stylistic, editing and formatting decisions on the micro as well as macro level. A beautiful soul with an elegant style she turned a very challenging project of 226 pages with 69 diagrams and 50 exercises into a work of art for generations to receive a one-of-a-kind tremendously enjoyable education that is visually stunning, fun and highly instructive. Thank you Domini! You are a goddess among mere mortals. If you ae looking for the best, then your search stops here!!!" Aaron Michael, author of Optimal Sex Life 


"Everyone LOVES the book design! When someone picks it up, I have literally heard them gasp and they hold it in their hands like a treasure...they just FEEL it. When they start thumbing through the pages, I hear how much they love all of the photos, the colors and the fonts. The design is so aesthetically pleasing that the engagement is instant and it makes people want to read it right away. It also makes it a very quick and easy read. You should be very proud of your work on this. I enjoyed our process and the fact that you so clearly understood what I was looking for and were able to execute it with such ease. Thank you Domini!" —Pamela Robins, author of Meditating with Animals and Founder, The Animal MethodTM

"Beyond Domini's undeniable expertise in every aspect of design, I was continually impressed by her creative engagement with my project and her clear patient explanations. She was also gracious and reassuring!" Lucy Bell W. Jarka-Sellers, author of  Meet John Dough, Superhero: A Political Fantasy

"I truly admire your passion towards finalizing my work and taking care of all tiniest details. I can sense your sincere enthusiasm and I feel lucky that I've had this chance to work with you. Thank you tremendously." —Rana Shubair, author of In Gaza I Dare to Dream

"(Domini is) a talented, dependable, and highly experienced book designer (both cover and interior). Her portfolio speaks for itself. Personally, I can say she's a lovely, mature, professional person who is delightful to work with." —Merrik Bush, University of California Press

"I got my test print back yesterday and the cover looks absolutely gorgeous! ... Thank you again for all your hard work, and for being so awesome to work with. I absolutely love my cover art, and can't wait until I can share this book with more people." —Lynn Almengor, author of Now That We're Adults

"I wish to thank you sincerely for your work and photo selections on Istanbul & the Turkish Coast ... The books have arrived in Istanbul and friends and family are now sharing photos and messages on Facebook with a copy in their hands! Exciting times. I appreciate all the work you and the team did to make this book possible. It's a dream come true to be a published author. It was a pleasure to work with you."
—Leeann Murphy, author of Moon Istanbul & the Turkish Coast


"I just looked at Florida Gulf Coast, and I want to say thanks. It looks amazing. I just wanted to let you know that I really like the way it looks, and while I know that it is your job, I still really appreciate what you do." —Joshua Lawrence Kinser, author of Moon Florida Gulf Coast


"Working with Domini was great—she is really committed to her work and has a has a remarkable eye for beauty."
—Pooja Mottl, author of The 3-Day Reset

"Dear Domini, I wanted to express my very personal thanks. I honestly can't say enough about how happy I am with your work and design on Under This Beautiful Dome; the visual is both eloquent and keen." —Terry Mutchler, author of Under This Beautiful Dome

"I'm really pleased with how this edition turned out! Please convey my special thanks to Domini Dragoone for a great design job. Trying to keep everyone happy—including an author who wants to be a partner in the joint venture—is a thankless task for a designer, but I think this is the best-looking PN edition yet, and one whose appearance, outside and inside the covers, should help it sell." —Edward Hasbrouck, The Practical Nomad


"Thank you so much for doing such a great quick layout for my book. My proof came in the mail today and it looked perfect! I can’t express how grateful I am to you for doing such a wonderful job on it." —DB Michaels, author of Song of the Blackbird

"Finding Domini was a fortuitous gift. I was looking for a page designer for an ebook, a friend recommended her, and Domini did what the best do—she gave me exactly what I wanted that I didn't even know I wanted. Her work was gorgeous, arresting, and sharp. She was a delight to work with,as well: kind, generous, and helpful. I can't recommend her highly enough." —Susannah Breslin, author of The Tumor

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